17 03 2016

Jews in the U.S. are about 2 percent of the population.  But with the latest nomination of Judge Garland they would be nearly 50% of the Supreme Court (4 of 9)!   The other 5 Justices by the way are all Catholics (who make up 22 percent of the population).

No Muslims, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists, Evangelicals, Mormons or when it comes to ethnics not a single Asian or Middle Easterner or Indian (foreign or domestic) now or ever (I think).  Oh yes no one of my spiritual outlook either – let’s call it atheist existentialism (by way of Judaism).

So much for the math.  Critically this court has the power, and often uses it, to change the basic laws and ways of the land.   And let’s remember that in one recent famous case the Court even took onto itself the power to rule that he who got millions fewer votes for the Presidency would nevertheless take over the White House and subsequently oversee 9/11, invade Iraq, and set the whole region, and maybe yet the whole world, on fire!

The Power Elite (always combined with the Money Elite) rule the United States.  It’s a purposefully disguised and confused hybrid super oligarchy.   By controlling both Parties as well as the major Media they control the political system and public opinion.  And by controlling the campaign finance system they control the politicians who in turn control the laws.  And by controlling the top institutions like the Supreme Court — also the FED where Jews also rule on high — they in the end control both the short and long term destiny of us all.