23 03 2016

Yesterday in Brussels it was 3 bombs, 34 killed, 230+ injured.   The American News programs instantly went into hyper-drive replaying the scenes of death and carnage ad infinitum.   CBS Evening News closed its broadcast with a picture of the half-staff American flag flying at the White House and the anchor proclaiming  “And in Washington this night light shines on the most powerful symbol of freedom in the world as Americans honor the fallen.”

Now for some proportion:  Last year alone the United States dropped on average 65 bombs daily, nearly all far more destructive than those in Brussels yesterday.  These bombs were dropped in countries from Libya to Pakistan including Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond.  When it comes to American bombs the daily toll of dead and wounded is rarely reported but surely numbers into the tens of thousands…and that was just last year!   Furthermore this total  does not even include the U.S. made and supplied bombs dropped by America’s top allies in the world — the UK, France, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia at the top of that list — nor does it include “black ops”.

And for more proportion:   Every day in America nearly a hundred people die unnecessarily of drug overdoses.   About the same number die in car accidents.    About the same number are killed by gun violence    Far more die daily from infectious diseases they pick up when being treated for other things in American hospitals.    And practically hourly a distraught American veteran commits suicide.

Leave cause and effect and what alternatively could be done for other days.   Today it’s just numbers and proportionality striving for thought rather than hyper-ventilating fear.