CHE Lives!

24 03 2016


The U.S. hunted down Che Guevara and then allowed the Bolivians to execute and defile him in 1967.   In different yet similar ways the U.S. did the same with Saddam and Qaddafi in recent years, letting the Shias and the US-armed rebels take the final steps to kill and desecrate them.    Same fate for Yasser Arafat but different method back in 2004…stealth poisoning in a combined Israeli-U.S. operation.  So many lesser-knowns have met the same fate.   And a few major historical figures have avoided the many CIA plots against them, Fidel Castro at the top of that list.

And so to see the American President in Havana with the big wall caricature of Che in the background has so much historic context!   And surely Obama had to know with whom and why the Cubans were posing him as well as why he was going along with it.