Israel Killing in Cold Blood is not new

28 03 2016

The cold-blooded killing/execution of a defenseless Palestinian in Hebron a few days ago, so much in the news, is actually nothing new.   Had it not been captured on video in this age of youtube and social media it would have gone unnoticed.  What happened is actually the policy of the Israelis designed to totally frighten and intimidate the Palestinians into submission and it has been sanctioned at the highest levels for a very long time.  For instance, read what I wrote about a similar even worse “incident” and  cover up back in 1984 which a few years later forced the President of Israel had to pardon the head of Shinbet who was personally responsible for the atrocity.

Click titles to read these articles in pdf:

The Silence of American Jews is Shameful.     LATimes 1984

An Open Letter to American Jews.    Middle East International 1984