“Civil Targeted Killing’ of BDS leaders advocated

30 03 2016

(Art: Guy Morad)

Last year the Israelis got super-Zionist billionaires Saban and Adelson to jointly call a meeting of Jewish millionaires to fund any and all anti-BDS groups and persons.  This week they got a major newspaper to sponsor a conference spewing hate and vitriol at those who are leading BDS.  Everyone from the opposition leader to Hollywood celebrities came to wildly and indiscriminately throw hate BDS  bombs.

But it got really worse with a top Israeli Minister taking to the podium to call for “Civil Targeted Killing” of BDS leaders!   By using the term “civil” the Minister could deny he was calling for their assassination.   By using the term “Targeting Killing” he was in fact threatening and advocating that others may do just that!   Such was how years ago the assassin of Prime Minister Rabin was encouraged to do the deed; and so many others have been both physically and personally attacked by what is in effect Jewish and Zionist fascist organizations and persons.

Clearly BDS is working!   Now it needs to be expanded and more widely supported so that  every strike against it brings it more publicity and more followers.

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