SAUDI Treachery Recognizing ISRAEL

29 04 2016

With so much else going on in the world many haven’t noticed that the Saudis have committed a kind of historic treachery that just years ago would have been considered traitorous and be widely damned by many Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims.   In all but legal formalities, the Saudis have this month recognized Israel, established relations with its government, set up a Saudi Embassy in occupied Jerusalem, and begun wining and dining top Israeli officials including Prime Minister Netanyahu…and  very much in public!   The flamboyant Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is called “Honorary Ambassador” but already functions as a kind of Super Arab Ambassador to Israel and those who control the Jewish State are loving it!

Saudi Arabia's ligation in juresalem

Royal Embassy of SAUDI ARABIA at David Flusser St 14 in East Jerusalem


US is greatest TERRORIST says Chomsky

28 04 2016

These quotes from Noam Chomsky about the U.S. “War on Terrorism” actually making the U.S. the greatest Terrorist threat in the world today:

“The ‘war against terrorism’ is the most extreme terrorist campaign of modern times — Barack Obama’s global assassination campaign targeting people suspected of perhaps intending to harm us some day, and any unfortunates who happen to be nearby.

“Obama is carrying out the most extreme global campaign of terror that I can remember. The drone campaign is simply a terrorist campaign. It’s an assassination campaign. The former head of the CIA, Michael Hayden, recently conceded that there isn’t a single country in the world that accepts U.S. legal justification for the campaign except for Israel and Afghanistan, and he’s probably wrong about Afghanistan. It’s recognized at the highest level that the assassination campaign is simply radicalizing the population and creating more people who want revenge, more people who we call terrorists.”

“The drone campaign is by far the biggest terrorist campaign in the world. It’s never described that way but that’s of course [that is] what it is. Furthermore it’s a terrorist generating campaign. From the highest levels and most respected sources it’s recognized that the drone attacks create potential terrorists on quite a substantial scale. Therefore it’s a threat to US security, apart from being a terrorist campaign in itself, and almost never discussed.”


27 04 2016

The Saudis are in bed with the Israelis desperately trying to keep control of the Middle East region.  One of the leading Princes is even publicly bragging he’s the first Ambassador to Israel and is publicly meeting with top officials in Jerusalem at the new Saudi Embassy there.   YET at the same time the U.S. Congress is about to pass legislation which in effect fingers Saudi officials for complicity in 9/11 and lets the Saudis be sued for such. BUT the Saudis are too stupid to understand that only if the Israeli/Jewish lobby gives it OK would such a thing be happening in Washington.

The Saudis are also too stupid to realize how they are being screwed (yes there is another more graphic word for it) not only by their Israeli “friends” but by their other friends in the big corporations and p.r. firms in the U.S.    The military-industrial complex just loves all the weapons the Saudis are buying.  IN FACT the Saudis have become the 3rd largest purchaser of weapons in the world right behind the U.S. and China and now ahead of Russia!   And the p.r. firms and NGOs the Saudis pay so much money have done a terrible job for them and laugh behind their back all the time as they enrich themselves with marginal and ineffective efforts.

But most of all the Saudi Royals should be condemned by their own for how they have allowed themselves to be manipulated so badly by the Judeo-Christian West, by the U.S.-Israel alliance, rather than using their vast oil, money power and geographic centrality, to unite and strengthen the Arab and Muslim worlds.

One hundred years after Lawrence of Arabia and Sykes-Picot the Arab monarchies  and dictators, with Saudi Arabia in the lead, continue to allow the divide and rule tactics of the West and the Zionists to control, dominate, and in many places destroy vast parts of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

U.S. weapons of World War III

26 04 2016

It’s already underway WWIII.   In the age of super nukes the great powers don’t blow each other away, rather they pursue proxy wars using client states, mercenary armies, cut-outs, contractors, and special forces.  They destroy other countries, not themselves; and they take down and assassinate other regimes, not their own.  They also develop new high-tech weapons that can be used to keep the war threshold below nuclear annihilation, to both defeat and deter the other great powers, and to try to aim for supremacy and victory if and when.

The Americans were the first to use nukes — just days after they were tested to be real.

In more recent years the Americans are the first to use killer drones and soon super lasers, cyber bombs (just acknowledged a few days ago), hypersonic missiles, and star wars  weapons  Simultaneously the Americans have launched a Trillion Dollar “modernization” of their vast arsenal of nuclear weapons and delivery systems; forcing the Russians and Chinese into a new ever-more-dangerous arms race that also extends to space and cyberland.

For a few more years, like with nukes, the Americans will have a monopoly on the new technologies.   But not only with others — especially China and Russia — catch up.   In the new multi-polar world ahead others may even surpasse with new even more novel high-tech weapons beyond the current spectrum.

When this happens, and when armageddon looms, it will have been the Americans who set us all on this course and then time after time refused to restrain and control the weapons that brought so much death and destruction to so many others…and eventually to themselves.


25 04 2016

Robert Parry is an exceptional independent investigative journalist; and I’ve said so many times in the past.   BUT, why is he so afraid to seriously and honestly investigate or even to calmly talk  about 9/11?   Not only does Parry insist the miserably flawed government story is true and that’s that; he continually insults and vilifies all who say otherwise, which includes many very distinguished persons from top Generals to leading Professors to other courageous investigate journalists like himself.  As I recently wrote Parry:

My  problem with you was never that you disagreed…though I do not believe you have really seriously looked into 9/11 in view of your extreme hostility from the start and what we talked about that long day at your home and while walking around Arlington; after all I’m well aware that different people have different blind-spots and sensitivities.  My serious problem with you is your continuing  defamation and name-calling and insulting of other very dedicated and serious persons who have in fact, at great time and dedication and hard work, come forth with considerable evidence and more.   Simply said Bob you are not the only person who seriously investigates things and in fact I’m  certain that if you would ever agree to debate anyone on a whole list of persons about this in public you would lose badly.

Parry is publisher of Consortium News and constantly asks all concerned about our country and independent journalism to support and finance him.    But when it comes to 9/11 Parry refuses to publicly debate David Ray Griffin or any other major 9/11 personality, plus he likes to point the finger at the Saudis but refuses to do so when it comes to the Israelis and their powerful Israeli/Jewish lobby not to mention the Zionist Neocon brigades who held near-complete power in the Bush/Cheney Administration when 9/11 happened.

Oh yes, let’s be fully candid and serious here.   Parry does lambast the Neocons harshly.   But he refuses to highlight that nearly all of the leaders are Jewish, dedicated Zionists, and many are even long-time Israeli-connected operatives in one way or another.   And most of all he never connects them to and always protects them from possible involvement in 9/11, even while noting that they did pray for “a new Pearl Harbor” and immediately catapulted their extreme Middle East war policies on top of it.

Secret Personal Lives – Prince and Hillary

23 04 2016

Now we learn from Princes’ former big drug dealer:  Prince suffered crippling stage fright and could not get on stage and perform without the drugs.

The personal lives of major public persons can oftentimes be so mysterious and unknown.

Hillary Clinton may well be elected the first woman President this year.  Whether or not she is also bi-sexual is not confirmed like her womanhood, but probably likely.   Hey…I don’t mean to criticize her for this; in fact after all I need a reason, an excuse, to vote for her!

For more about bi-sexual Hillary check the top of today.


Anti-IRAN Grand Alliance

22 04 2016

A strategic alliance between the Saudis and the Gulf Sunni monarchies, Turkey, Egypt and Israel has emerged to fight IRAN.  Of course the American Neocons who have always championed targeting Iran, plus the Israel/Lobby along combined with the Evangelical Zionists, are very much part of this escalating geopolitical/military alignment.

Whoever occupied the White House after Obama, he has already fulfilled his role as “NEOCON FACILITATOR” super-arming all the above and giving the Pentagon more bases throughout the region including B-52s now being rushed to Qatar for their new permanent regional home.

The preparations are for regional war.   And fearing what the Americans might do even beyond the Middle East the Russians and Chinese are rushing to arm themselves with new super deterrent weapons.

As for the Iranians they are right indeed to be racing ahead with large numbers of missiles with improved targeting and warheads, as well as other kinds and quantities of conventional weapons, knowing that they must step up their own game if they are to deter the Americans as well as the Saudi/Turkey/GCC/Egypt and Israel alliance all aiming at them.