1 04 2016


When Bill was running long ago he told us we were going “to get two for one”.   How right he was!   But this go around there are really so many reasons not to be seduced again and reinstate Bill and Hillary (Billary).

Top of the list for those concerned about foreign policy is how the Clintons are captives of the Israel Lobby and the “liberal interventionists”…not all that different from the Zionist Neocons in fact except that they are true believers and the Clintons are purchased.   Add to that how in the guise of free this and free that the Clintons in the 90s saddled us with awful trade, media, and finance laws.  Most of us at the time didn’t realize how the Clintons were already  at work for the oligarchs, tycoons, and wall streeters…many of whom overlap of course with the Israel Lobby money controllers

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