2 04 2016

Once again Obama has deceived and failed us!   Shortly after he so undeservedly got his Nobel Peace Prize Obama loudly declared to the world in 2009 when he was seeking  support for the first Nuclear Summit that took place the next year:

“I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”

No such talk from Obama at his recent and last Nuke Summit.   Rather Obama, who some time ago become the “Neocon Facilitator”, turned the event into an anti-terrorism affair with no discussion of the causes of terrorism, no responsibility for all the nuke stuff that’s out there and endangering us all, and no discussion of the NPT, the non-proliferation treaty, in which the U.S. formally pledged to reduce and eliminate nukes.   No talk either about the Trillion Dollars Obama has earmarked to “modernize” rather than get ride of America’s vast arsenal of nukes which comprise about half of all those in the world.