3 04 2016

First published:  26 04 2013

  The only country in the Middle East that has any nuclear weapons, a vast arsenal in fact, is Israel.   Even if the Iranians were to pursue nuclear weapons they would be no serious threat to Israel or anyone else for many years.  The whole nuclear weapons charge is a carefully calibrated smokescreen the Israelis have used for their real goals:

  • weakening and isolating Iran and bringing about a revolution to topple the regime.
  • manipulating U.S. and world public opinion to get the Americans and Europeans to take on Iran for them

The Israeli arsenal includes hundreds of nuclear bombs including high-yield strategic nukes, tactical nukes, probably neutron nukes as well.   Moreover Israel has  superpower-like multi-layered delivery capability — long-range fighter-bombers, a modern high-tech submarine fleet, and advanced battlefield as well as strategic precision-guided missiles.

This has all been achieved mainly with the help of the US, but also of Germany, the UK, and in years past France.

It is known that the Israelis have constantly defied the international community and refused to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty or allow any inspections on their territory.  They demand this of others but flagrantly insist they are special and use slogans about not confirming or denying they even have such weapons of mass destruction.

Lesser known however is how the Israelis repeatedly lied to and deceived American Presidents along the way.

Thanks to Wikileaks lately and historians over the years we now know much more about the role Henry Kissinger played in all this and what took place during the crucial Presidencies of JFK, LBJ, Nixon and Ford.  And we now know much more about how the Israelis defied JFK when he demanded they not build nuclear weapons fearing it would lead to a Middle East arms race and maybe even a superpower clash.

In fact it was JFK who back in 1962 at the height of the cold war forced the Israelis to allow inspection at Dimona.  But before that took place the Israelis built elaborate secret rooms and hidden entrances that were never found.   It was more than 20 years later, thanks to Mordechai Vanunu, that picture proof hit the front page of The Sunday Times.

And here in Washington this month, thanks to an enterprising and sophisticated foreign policy analyst and author, Derek Leebaert, writing in The Globalist, we now know about how the Israelis collaborated with South Africa helping that country build nukes in the worst days of Apartheid.

Israel’s President of today, Shimon Peres, and his long-time deputy, Yossi Beilin, later known for his key role in trying to trap the Palestinians in a false Palestinian State, were the key intermediaries of that proliferation into Africa which was only reversed when the Apartheid they supported collapsed.

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