HENRY SIEGMAN…what he represents

6 04 2016

So many “liberal” Jewish Zionists are these days trying to wiggle out of their own complicity and culpability for what Israel and it’s super powerful American Jewish Lobby have become.    Chief of among them is Henry Siegman who spent years heading up the American Jewish Congress and then wining and dining at the Council on Foreign Relations and universities.  

Siegman and his friends viciously castigated other American Jews who years before them, and far more boldly and courageously it should be added, were raising the alarm bells about Israel and “The Lobby”.   Even now, while wringing their hands and denouncing even their gal Hillary for being “AIPAC’s Panderer-in-Chief”, they accept no responsibility for how they so cravenly and self-servingly failed at key moments in history and thus are themselves very much complicitous and responsible for what Israel and the U.S., as well as world Jewry, have done and have become.   

Even now as he writes about bad AIPAC and pandering Hillary (see article at top of WashReport today), Siegman can’t bring himself to follow the basic logic of his own condemnations — for instance refusing to applaud and join the BDS Movement and refusing to call for a suspension of U.S. arming and funding of “The Jewish State” and an end to “the special relationship”.