US/Israel/GCC prepare for war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon

11 04 2016


The Americans use one deception and make one excuse after another as they prepare their war plans both in the Middle East and Asia.    I’ve been saying for some time now that Obama has allowed himself, whether consciously or unknowingly, to become the “Neocon Facilitator”.

This latest strategic gambit is the permanent deployment of B-52s to the Middle East.  They will be based in Qatar, which is of course part of the GCC and very much a proxy for the Saudis who are really behind this move and paying for it.  The U.S. deception/excuse in this case is “ISIS”…but the reality and significance of this big war move is far different.

The B-52s are the only bomber capable of delivering the super-bombs weighing up to 15 tons that the U.S. has created in recent years.    These new bombs are 10x more powerful than any previous ‘conventional’ bombs.   The threat here is against Iran as well as the Syrian regime in Damascus and its ally Hezbollah in Lebanon; plus a detterent against the Russians.   These are weapons not to attack the rather primitive facilities of ISIS but rather to decimate the most here-to-fore impenetrable underground fortifications — including command and control where top leadership would be.

The neocons have succeeded in using Obama to prepare the way with vast quantities of the latest high-tech weapons supplied to the Israelis as well as Saudis/ GCC/Egypt/Jordan in recent years.    Moreover Iran and the region remain surrounded by numerous and huge U.S. military bases as well as CIA and NSA operations.  When there is another 9/11, whether actual or false-flag, the stage is being set.