Obama does nothing to stop Apartheid Israel

12 04 2016

Last week multiple home demolitions in the occupied West Bank by the Israeli military  left 124 Palestinians homeless in a single day, 60 of them children.   A total of 54 structures — including 18 donor-funded structures — were demolished on that one day alone  in nine different communities.

Year after year, time after time, the Israelis have escalated their far-worse-than-apartheid policies against the Palestinians…and the U.S. has done.  Nothing that is but a few p.r. wrist-slapping words now and then.    Nothing real and meaningful that is other than supply more money, more guns, more excuses and recently anther 10-year military alliance-like agreement!

Despite his occasional rhetoric Obama has actually been more pro-Israeli and more anti-Palestinian in practice than any previous President.

Obama has super-armed the Israelis greatly increasing the flow of advanced weapons and multi-billions yearly.   Obama has refused to let even one single U.N. Security Council resolution against Israel be passed, even though all of his predecessors did so, some repeatedly.  Obama has watched helplessly as the Israelis have escalated illegal settlements, further judaized Jerusalem, and everywhere created barriers and restrictions essentially imprisoning the Palestinians into shrinking, divided, isolated, and walled-off reservation-like areas.