Hashemite Jordan arrests largest opposition party

14 04 2016

As the Middle East region prepares for even greater war – fueled primarily by the Americans and Israelis – the signs are everywhere.   The Saudis are viciously beheading and repressing more than ever.  B-52s are rushing to Qatar while the U.S. has stepped up its bombing runs from Turkey.   A few days ago the police in Jordan closed  the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s largest opposition party, stepping up their repression a la Egypt and Saudi.

Jordan today is teeming with CIA and Mossad more than ever.   After all the Hashemite regime was installed in Amman by the Brits a long time ago with the CIA taking over after WWII – quite literally making the King a kind of honorary secret agent.  Plus of course the Hashemites made their under-the-table deals with the Zionists as Israel was being born to replace Palestine, and they then rushed to make the alliance pubic after the Oslo arrangement they helped foist on the Palestinians who have never recovered from that historic treachery.