OBAMA – The “Neocon War Facilitator”

15 04 2016

**NEOCONS Prepare for War on Russia/China **

Obama will be seen not as the PEACEMAKER but as the NEOCON FACILATOR.

During his two terms World War III is actually well underway — fought of course by proxies, mercenaries, contractors, and client-regimes.   At the same time the more-powerful-than-ever military-industrial complex is gorging itself on all the multi-billions as its factories work overtime 24/7 producing so many weapons of current and future warfare.

Among the latest major war preparations all of which Obama is responsible for:

  • B-52s are going to the Middle East, to Qatar, for the first time since the Gulf War of 1990.  They are of little use against ISIS but they are strategic super-weapons when it comes to Iran and Russia…the only bomber capable of delivering the new mega bombs weighting in at 30,000 pounds.
  • Shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weapons are being CIA-supplied not only to U.S. mercenary forces fighting in Syria, but they are already in the hands of U.S. allies Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.   Their targets:  Syria, Russian and Iranian aircraft…  Put Russia at the top of this list and remember Afghanistan of years ago when Osama bin-Laden was CIA-asset and helping finance such weapons to the Mujahadin in those days.
  • In Asia the U.S is greatly increasing use of the Philippines as a vast naval and air base in the Pacific.   This time the target is China.   More U.S. bases and weapons are surrounding China from India to Vietnam to Australia to Taiwan to Japan and South Korea.
  • PLUS Obama has OKed a $1 Trillion remake of the vast U.S. arsenal of nuclear weapons .
  • PLUS the U.S. is racing ahead with Cyber, Space and Hypersonic Weapons to counter the new advanced weapons the Chinese and Russians have been developing in recent years to try to check U.S. imperial militarism.