Bernie Panders to Jewish Powerbrokers

18 04 2016

Too bad Bernie Sanders hasn’t continue to try to take the high road when it comes to Israel, but has instead, after flirting with just a little truth telling, has become another fearful pandering politician.

Last week just two days after appointing a young outgoing principled 25-year-0ld woman to speak up about the Middle East and work with the young students nation-wide who are on his side,  Bernie fired her.   Seems the same-old Jewish establishment organizations – Presidents Conf and AIPAC in the lead as is so often the came – frightened  Bernie and his quickly relented.   OMG Simone Zimmerman had spoken up a little bit about what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians!

And now today Bernie is supporting law suits against Saudi Arabia for 9/11.   So here’s a little message for Bernie about his comments on NBC this morning:

Hey Bernie…   What about Palestinians being able to sue Israel about all the killings and home demolitions and what many describe as much-worse-than-Apartheid?   Not to mention Bernie what about letting people sue Israel about 9/11 and let’s see where the evidence leads?