Obama Moves World Closer to Use of Nukes

20 04 2016

Lawrence Krauss unveils the "Doomsday Clock" Tuesday, showing that the world is now three minutes away from catastrophe. In 2016 it’s just 3 minutes to Midnight Armageddon

RUSSIA is right:   This from the Russian Foreign Ministry Monday:

“Of serious concern is the fact that as part of its unprecedented nuclear arsenals modernization program the United States plans to deploy in Europe new lower capacity precision nuclear air bombs.   It is a very dangerous project that can considerably lower the nuclear weapons use ‘threshold’ when American nuclear bombs are seen as ‘battlefield weapons.’ We must not forget that Moscow and Washington abandoned such an option twenty-five years ago. It looks like the United States is planning to plunge back into its former irresponsible practice of walking on the brink of nuclear warfare.”

Beyond this in Europe, the Americans have embarked on a Trillion Dollar ‘modernization’ of their nuclear weapons over the next 20 years.  Instead of abiding by the NPT, the non-proliferation treaty, the Americans are escalating super-arming themselves and allies Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East; while further pushing Asian countries to buy new generations of Americans Arms and also allow more U.S. bases as the “Pivot to Asia” proceeds.   The Asian countries involved are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, India just to name the main ones.