21 04 2016

 “Israel is becoming such a strategic liability for us, that it’s detrimental to our own national security.”

Image result for nuclear doomsday caricature

So says the man who was Secretary of State Colin Powell’s top assistant as his Chief of Staff.  Actually both of the long-time Special Relationships the U.S. has in the Middle East since World War II — Saudi Arabia as well as Israel — are now dangerous strategic liabilities for the U.S.   Either or both — now aligned with each other as well as the Neocons — could drag or trick the U.S. into a major regional war that could even go World War.   Indeed, the combination of Israel and the Saudis — along with the GCC, Turks, and NATO — and with the guiding hand of the Neocons, is why the hands of the Doomsday Clock are now back to 3 minutes to Midnight.

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