Anti-IRAN Grand Alliance

22 04 2016

A strategic alliance between the Saudis and the Gulf Sunni monarchies, Turkey, Egypt and Israel has emerged to fight IRAN.  Of course the American Neocons who have always championed targeting Iran, plus the Israel/Lobby along combined with the Evangelical Zionists, are very much part of this escalating geopolitical/military alignment.

Whoever occupied the White House after Obama, he has already fulfilled his role as “NEOCON FACILITATOR” super-arming all the above and giving the Pentagon more bases throughout the region including B-52s now being rushed to Qatar for their new permanent regional home.

The preparations are for regional war.   And fearing what the Americans might do even beyond the Middle East the Russians and Chinese are rushing to arm themselves with new super deterrent weapons.

As for the Iranians they are right indeed to be racing ahead with large numbers of missiles with improved targeting and warheads, as well as other kinds and quantities of conventional weapons, knowing that they must step up their own game if they are to deter the Americans as well as the Saudi/Turkey/GCC/Egypt and Israel alliance all aiming at them.