U.S. weapons of World War III

26 04 2016

It’s already underway WWIII.   In the age of super nukes the great powers don’t blow each other away, rather they pursue proxy wars using client states, mercenary armies, cut-outs, contractors, and special forces.  They destroy other countries, not themselves; and they take down and assassinate other regimes, not their own.  They also develop new high-tech weapons that can be used to keep the war threshold below nuclear annihilation, to both defeat and deter the other great powers, and to try to aim for supremacy and victory if and when.

The Americans were the first to use nukes — just days after they were tested to be real.

In more recent years the Americans are the first to use killer drones and soon super lasers, cyber bombs (just acknowledged a few days ago), hypersonic missiles, and star wars  weapons  Simultaneously the Americans have launched a Trillion Dollar “modernization” of their vast arsenal of nuclear weapons and delivery systems; forcing the Russians and Chinese into a new ever-more-dangerous arms race that also extends to space and cyberland.

For a few more years, like with nukes, the Americans will have a monopoly on the new technologies.   But not only with others — especially China and Russia — catch up.   In the new multi-polar world ahead others may even surpasse with new even more novel high-tech weapons beyond the current spectrum.

When this happens, and when armageddon looms, it will have been the Americans who set us all on this course and then time after time refused to restrain and control the weapons that brought so much death and destruction to so many others…and eventually to themselves.