27 04 2016

The Saudis are in bed with the Israelis desperately trying to keep control of the Middle East region.  One of the leading Princes is even publicly bragging he’s the first Ambassador to Israel and is publicly meeting with top officials in Jerusalem at the new Saudi Embassy there.   YET at the same time the U.S. Congress is about to pass legislation which in effect fingers Saudi officials for complicity in 9/11 and lets the Saudis be sued for such. BUT the Saudis are too stupid to understand that only if the Israeli/Jewish lobby gives it OK would such a thing be happening in Washington.

The Saudis are also too stupid to realize how they are being screwed (yes there is another more graphic word for it) not only by their Israeli “friends” but by their other friends in the big corporations and p.r. firms in the U.S.    The military-industrial complex just loves all the weapons the Saudis are buying.  IN FACT the Saudis have become the 3rd largest purchaser of weapons in the world right behind the U.S. and China and now ahead of Russia!   And the p.r. firms and NGOs the Saudis pay so much money have done a terrible job for them and laugh behind their back all the time as they enrich themselves with marginal and ineffective efforts.

But most of all the Saudi Royals should be condemned by their own for how they have allowed themselves to be manipulated so badly by the Judeo-Christian West, by the U.S.-Israel alliance, rather than using their vast oil, money power and geographic centrality, to unite and strengthen the Arab and Muslim worlds.

One hundred years after Lawrence of Arabia and Sykes-Picot the Arab monarchies  and dictators, with Saudi Arabia in the lead, continue to allow the divide and rule tactics of the West and the Zionists to control, dominate, and in many places destroy vast parts of the Arab and Muslim worlds.