China’s System Better than America’s?

4 05 2016

OMG!  Maybe it’s time we Americans question our most basic assumptions!   If the American system of governance makes it possible for a Donald Trump character to become President, for massive international war crimes to be perpetrated over and over, for a health care system that kills  (3rd cause of death is hospital mistakes we’ve just learned), for a Metro System in its capital that is a horrible embarrassment, for major Bridges like Memorial in DC to be falling apart, for vastly unfair oligarchic wealth distribution…   And if the Chinese system produces a President Xi and a vast expansion of that country so fast and for so many…

STOP!   I‘m well aware of the huge problems in China and so many issues and wrongs that need fixing, adjusting, and changing because of the Chinese governance system.

BUT even so maybe its time we Americans started learning from and sharing with the rest of the world far more than is our mindset.  We are not the “exceptional nation” any longer; and it was a peculiar world history that had us in that position for just a short time in history in the first place.   Now we have become an exceptionally powerful collectively narcissistic nation that is a growing danger to itself  as well as to the whole world of nations.