Israel Rules the “New” Middle East

11 05 2016

Now that the Saudis are firmly allied with Israel — even to the extent of secretly paying the Jewish State billions in protection money and giving de facto recognition — there is indeed a new Middle East.   Furthermore, with the key states of Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey also allied with Israel — the new Middle East is prepared for years if not decades of “instability” and quite possibly regional war to take down the Lebanon-Syria-Iran alliance.   Add to the nationalist vortex there is now a Sunni-Shia civil war underway stretching from Libya to the Gulf to Afghanistan/Pakistan.   Overall of course it is the Americans — via the CIA, Pentagon, and NSA — who are really in control sub-contracting most of the actual fighting to mercenary and rebel regimes while flooding the region with tens of billions of arms mostly paid for with petro-dollars which thus indirectly subsidize Israel’s vast super arms buildup.