Bernie’s “Arab American” – Take 2

27 05 2016

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Politicians need to be judged by who uses them and whom they promote. When it comes to the Middle East Bernie is way over his head. His recent promotion of one James Zogby is a good example. Though Zogby is despised by most in-the-know Palestinians as a self-serving hustler to be scorned, Bernie has anointed him as one of his agents for writing the Democratic Party Platform! Zogby has been a parasitic fixture in Washington for a long time. He and his pollster brother have manipulated themselves into lots of publicity and money. More than 20 years ago students in Washington published this satirical newsletter about Zogby Dogby.

Furthermore here is a quote from some articles I wrote about Zogby years ago:

There he was at it again this weekend playing footsie with his good friend Joe Lieberman, the Senator from Connecticut and the representative of and apologist for Ariel Sharon and Israel. It was once again non other than James Zogby, the Arab-American political hustler, at his best (tongue in cheek of course!). And even after all the many millions he has pocketed and spent on self-promotion, Zogby could only manage to get a few hundred naive and confused Arab-Americans to join him for his latest little conference in Detroit — the one his good friend Joe Lieberman exploited for his own gain rounding up the TV cameras to show him addressing his Arab-Americans “cousins” and “telling it like it is”. Zogby is more pariah among in-the-know activist Arab-Americans than anything else; but even so official Washington and the corporate-media often trot him out when they want a safe and practiced ‘Arab-American’ talking head.”

Here is the first part about Zogby…Take 1: