Hillary and Blackmail

1 06 2016

OBAMA must act quickly about HILLARY say Retired Intelligence Professionals

An organization of retired top “intelligence” professionals who worked for CIA and NSA says all of Hillary Clinton’s emails and classified materials are probably known and would make her as President subject to blackmail both at home and from abroad.   Here is the key sentence in their recent long letter to President Obama (full text today at top of WashReport.com)

 NSA, and perhaps the FBI, already know chapter and verse. It is virtually certain they know what was in Secretary Clinton’s emails – including the ones she thought she had deleted. It is likely that they have also been able to determine which foreign intelligence agencies and other hackers were able to access the emails…. The juicy email secrets in the hidden hands of the NSA and FBI are likely to give those already powerful institutions a capacity for blackmail that would make J. Edgar Hoover’s mouth water. In addition, information hacked by foreign intelligence services or Guccifer-like hackers can also provide useful grist for leverage or blackmail.