Muhammad Ali – The Greatest Because

4 06 2016

In addition to the things he is so well known for Muhammed Ali did the following:

In 1960 at the age of 18 and without telling anyone he threw his Olympic Gold Medal into the Ohio River after he encountered American racism being refused service in a restaurant.

In 1964 he joined Malcolm X and The Nation of Islam, a black separatist organization

In 1967 he refused to be drafted into the Army to fight in Vietnam declaring: “I ain’t got nothing against the Vietcong….  Then why is the intention to Kill, Kill, Kill and continue killing innocent people.”  

The Gold Medal story goes like this:

Ali, then named Cassius Clay, cherished his gold medal from the 1960 Olympics so much that he wore it all the time, even while sleeping. Then one day, sickened by a horrific bout of racism he encountered that evening, the 18-year-old light- heavyweight boxing champion stood on the Second Street Bridge and threw the medal into the Ohio River.

He never revealed the story until a documentary was made about him in 1975, and he explained what happened. For various reasons, however, people seemed to want to believe he was making the story up to get a rise out of his fans and the Olympic committee, just being dramatic as he always was. The incident took place in the fall of 1960. Fast-forward fifty-four years. On June 21, 2014, Robert Bradbury found Ali’s Olympic Gold Medal from the muddy banks of the Ohio River.

So here we have a Super American!