Muhammed Ali – What they forget to tell you

7 06 2016

 There are two critical parts to the life of Muhammad Ali that Americans don’t want to remember.

  • He got his new world famous name when he joined with MALCOLM X and The Nation of Islam.  That’s when he  changed his name from Cassius Clay, his “slave name” so he said, to Muhammad Ali, his Black Power Muslim name.
  • The U.S. Army  at first declared him “intellectually incapable” to join the military because he failed the basic IQ intelligence test.  But as the Vietnam war accelerated, people like Ali were reclassified as “fit to serve” because the U.S. desperately needed more ground combat soldiers. Then, in 1967, when he repeatedly refused to be inducted into the military, he was arrested, sentenced to prison, stripped of his champion title, and prohibited from boxing.  But he remained free on bail from prison while he appealed and more than three years later the Supreme Court reversed the conviction and sentence.

With Malcolm X who probably helped Cassius become Muhammad: