13 06 2016

What to expect when, as Chomsky says, the US itself commits the greatest acts of terrorism in history, killing millions, destroying countries?

What to expect when the Israelis, continually armed and funded by the Americans, occupy and destroy Palestine to create their Jewish State?

What to expect when the top allies of the U.S. in the Middle East historically conspire with Washington to control the entire region causing incalculable death and suffering from Libya, to Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Palestine and beyond?

What to expect when American starwars drones incessantly terrorize and kill thousands unnamed and unknown remotely from the skies?

What to expect when the U.S. creates vast military bases and CIA outposts throughout the Middle East while super arming its brutal allies — Israel, Saudi Arabia, GCC at the top of that list — and even creating radical Islamic mercenary forces to do the ground fighting?