SAUDIS fund Hillary and Friends

18 06 2016

Though very different from the Israeli/Jewish Lobby, the Saudi Lobby is very active using their vast money pools in the USA.  Recently the Saudi King’s son let it be known that 20% of the money in Hillary’s campaign can be traced back to the Saudis and friends.   Then trying to cover up this revelation the Saudis turned to one of their  P.R. firms in Washington — one connected to Hillary’s campaign manager and which gets paid a few million yearly for consultations and advice — to try to fix and re-spin the story that originated from the official news agency in Jordan.   More today about this at the top of    It is Saudi as well as Israeli mega “lobbying” of U.S. politicians, news agencies, think-tanks, and corporations, that is responsible for the terrible U.S. policies throughout the Middle East and for the growing pressure on the U.S. for still greater military and CIA intervention…especially now in Syria (which also means Lebanon and Iran).