OBAMA brings world closer to DOOMSDAY

19 06 2016

Even the Nobel Prize Committee is publicly admitting it “made a mistake”.   Last year, as a result of Obama policies, the Doomsday clock was moved to 3 minutes to midnight…where it had not been since the worst days of the Cold War.   The debate now is not about moving it back, but moving it further towards “Doomsday”.

Obama has been a total disaster when it comes to militarization.  He has become the Neocon and Pentagon FACILITATER IN CHIEF.   With special forces and troops fighting in Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen…  With increased military and CIA bases through the Middle East and Pacific..  With his authorization of a new generation of super nukes and missiles costing $1 Trillion+…   With his super arming of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Dictatorships…  With his expanded fleet of killer drones…

Barack Obama’s Presidency has been a total disaster.   Even worse he has set the stage for far worse to come…maybe even Midnight Doomsday.