Jewish HATE Speech

22 06 2016


jesus christ

Jewish demonstrators shouted “We will tear down this abomination, you are evil. The Jewish people lives forever! King David lives forever! May the name of your so-called God be blotted out forever.  “It hurts me that they are letting these goyyim come here. It hurts me that these evil men, who have oppressed the Jews throughout history, are being allowed to contaminate our holy sites. “The goyyim got their way this time. But they won’t the next time. King David lives forever!  The people of Israel lives forever!”

The Israelis demand that hate speech against Jews be criminalized; and now they are desperately trying to extend that demand against those who support BDS, as I do.  Yet racist hate speech by Israeli Jews against Christians, as well as Muslims and Palestinians and Arabs, has become quite normal in “the Jewish State” — leading to cold-blooded killings time and time again.  A recent Haaretz article from which the above quote is taken is today featured at top of