24 06 2016

Brexit has happened and other EU countries are rethinking.

The Donald supported it and is in the UK at the moment (actually Scotland which may still do a Brexit of its own).   He too was once unthinkable.

From Eastern Europe to the Middle East to the South China sea, war games are underway  with ever-greater emphasis and with quite unbelievable war weapons escalating faster than ever before in human history.   In the age of weapons of mass destruction, major war between the great powers has also been unthinkable. But new ways and means short of nuclear armageddon are changing this equation as well.

And then there is the “global warming” wolf at the door.  With temperatures and sea levels rising faster and faster, those born today will be living on a far different and far more confrontational planet in their own lifetimes.   The unthinkable possibility of planetary and civilizational destruction from “climate change” is now very much more likelihood than science fiction.

A drastic rethinking of the entire way the world is organized is urgently needed.  We need shift from internationalism to transnationalism.  Like the League of Nations before it the United Nations is impotent and has failed.   This time the shift to something far more potent and far more protective of the entire “human species” must be brought about not in the ashes of World War but before the looming global destruction.