Cornell! Take to the Streets!

27 06 2016

To:  Cornell West    From:  Mark Bruzonsky

Dear Cornell,  We’ve only personally met once in your office at Princeton.  It was the day you and I both spoke at a special university-wide special event along with the Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School (   Since then I’ve been at many events where you have spoken and your status as a quite unique public intellectual has continued to soar.   Last weekend you were the one person who “dissented” from the Dem Party Platform, Bernie Sanders having selected you to be on the elite drafting Committee.

A few weeks ago I was at Bernie’s DC Rally.    There I mean an extraordinarily passionate and articular black woman, Sunshine, who kept ranting against Hillary and about how she was going to be on the streets screaming at the Philadelphia convention.   Though without Princeton pedigree or intellectual status, I actually found Sunshine’s thoughts and ideas moving and even convincing.   Immediately I remembered Chris Hedges’ eloquent plea a few days before to take the Streets and stop being co-opted by Hillary, the Dems, and “the system”.

I’m aware how presumptuous of me it is to write you in this way but even so…   Yout place Cornell is not inside the convention “abstaining”.  Your place is out on the streets loudly protesting and defying   Your place is right along side Chris Hedges and Sunshine.    And if others follow you from the inside to the outside, along with the multitude of cameras you are one of the view they will follow, how dramatic and even significant that moment might be!