Iwo Jima and 9/11

28 06 2016

Bush and others at stamp unveiling

Some 7 decades on the famous Iwo Jima raising the flag photograph is wrong!  The right persons involved are being corrected at last.  “Our history is important, and we have a responsibility to ensure it’s right” says the current Marine Commandant.

We’re only 15 years away from 9/11, something far far far more important in American and world history.   But so much of the official story of what happened that fateful day is wrong; and yet the government continues to refuse to confess who did it and why, perpetuating instead  what may be one of the greatest historical cover ups of all time.

“We were set up to fail” even the two co-chairman of the official 9/11 report have publicly declared.   And yet the critical story of how and why remains buried and the government has done all it possibly could to encourage the deceptive and fallacious story to become a kind of false political religion.