General Sisi and King Salman – Countdown On

29 06 2016

The strongman dictator killer of Egypt, Junta General Sisi, will fall either to the gun or the street.   He more than anyone else has defamed modern-Egypt and though now allied with Russia as well as the U.S., with Israel as well as Saudi Arabia, his days are numbered.

So too the Saudi king dictator killer Salman and his son.   He more than anyone else has defiled his Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country which in the future may just be known as Arabia again.   Protected now by Israel and Junta Egypt, the Saudi State’s balance has been lost and this King’s days, maybe the entire regime’s days, are numbered.

Wishful thinking?   Overly optimistic analysis?   Gut instinct?   Maybe a little of each.   But don’t be surprised if the Arab-spring upheaval comes back with a vengeance and shakes the very foundations of today’s largely US-Israel controlled Middle East.