Hillary and Indictment

30 06 2016


What’s going on with the unprecedented FBI investigation involving hundreds of agents, investigators, and techies?    I can’t say that I know…but I can give what let’s call more than an educated guess having cavorted for so long with the persons and institutions in Washington DC.

Hillary’s lawyers have been desperately looking for a way out.   They need a way better than General Petraeus — who had to plead guilty, resign, and accept fine and legal probation though not prison-time — even though Hillary’s transgressions were far more extensive and culpable.   Her original goal in insisting on “personal server” control of everything was to shield herself from both political enemies and history.   In the end, because of well-funded right-wing organizations and legal challenges, her doings have not only have been partially exposed, they may yet bring her down.

Hillary’s lawyers have also probably been trying to delay charges and indictments at least until she is nominated next month   At that point it is thought she will have maximum leverage and the political climate may lend itself to dismissal or wrist-slaps rather than upending the unprecedented electoral moment.  It’s even possible, though still highly speculative, there could be an Obama Presidential pardon if needed — something best to come if and after she’s elected President in November but before her inauguration on 20 January.

But even if Hillary should succeed with this strategy — which I increasingly doubt — the basic charges don’t and won’t go away.   First of all there will be unending leaks with all kinds of damning things coming out not only from her enemies but also from scorned FBI investigators.   At do that an unending march of leaking emails; including those recently promised by Assange and Wikileaks.     Additionally it will be harder and harder to know what is real and what is being hyped or even made up.   Second, if the unprecedented investigation and evidence accumulated by the FBI is overruled by Obama’s Attorney General, resignation of FBI Director Comey is a real possibility and that could in itself unleash a political/media avalanche that could still bury Hillary.