Hillary’s Jewish Israeli Billionaire Financier

31 07 2016


Clearly Haim Saban, for years the top billionaire financier of the Clinton’s, was told to stay out of the spotlight at the Convention and probably for the political war ahead until November.  He’s too controversial since he has publicly proclaimed his primary allegiance is to Israel and that he puts all of his money into politics, media, and think-tanks on behalf of the Jewish State.

Clearly the Clintons, known for both their big-money and Israeli connections, were worried about any press or activist attention on their super money-man, Israeli-American, and very close friend Haim.

But upon Hillary’s victory over fellow-Jew Sanders, the Jewish Zionist mogul couldn’t resist bragging that he’s already given an 8-figure sum to Hillary.  Moreover he loudly proclaimed  how “disastrous” Trump would be for Israel and alternative how good Hillary would be.   Haim should know.   He already has gotten Hillary in writing and in front of a gathering of Jewish Zionist money-men to pledge she will fight hard against BDS and send much more money and arms to Israel (Obama has already done so in advance in fact).   Moreover Haim and his key man in Washington, Martin Indyk who helped him take over the important Brookings Institution, know very well how to manipulate the Clintons — they’ve been doing it for decades already.

Why has their been so little mention of Saban, Israel, and all the money and influence a group of super wealthy American Jews have on Hillary and the Dem Party?   Many reasons — one could do a big book about this important subject — but in this case it’s because Saban spoke Thursday evening from the Philadelphia Convention in Hebrew to the Israeli media, not in English to the American.

As usual, see top today of MiddleEast.Org and WashReport.com for more.

Haim Saban interviewed by Channel 10 minutes before Hillary Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, July 28 2016. (Screen capture Channel 10)


NPR/PBS reporter mistakes Dems for Repubs

30 07 2016

Susan Davis, NPR and PBS floor correspondent at the Dem convention on Thursday night, said this after Hillary’s acceptance speech:

“At moments tonight I felt I could have been at the Republican convention, particularly when they were talking about themes of national security and religious liberty.”

It was a rare moment of candor delivered spontaneously  in the last minutes of the all-night PBS coverage when everything was over and most viewers (unlike myself it appears) were smart enough to have already gone to sleep.

Hillary and other Children

29 07 2016

Bill and Hillary’s close friend, Madeleine Albright – the first Woman Secretary of State – spoke at the Convention.   She’s the woman who publicly condoned the killing of 5000+ children monthly in Iraq – when she and Hillary husband Bill were in charge – as necessary “collateral damage”.   The U.N. Deputy Secretary-General in Iraq at the time resigned condemning American policies as “genocide”.   No repudiation then or since from Hillary when it comes to the Children of Iraq or of what her Israeli friends and Jewish benefactors have been doing for some time to the children of Palestine.

More to remember about Iraq Children at top of MiddleEast.Org today.

“…Line up the bodies of the children, the thousands of children — the infants, the toddlers, the schoolkids — whose bodies were torn to pieces, burned alive or riddled with bullets during the American invasion and occupation of Iraq. Line them up in the desert sand, walk past them, mile after mile, all those twisted corpses, those scraps of torn flesh and seeping viscera, those blank faces, those staring eyes fixed forever on nothingness.

                                     Excerpt from the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, May 2012.


28 07 2016

The video to be featured in about hour now before Hillary speaks was produced by the woman behind the SCANDAL TV series — the most bloody and sexy, the most tortuous and outrageous, of all the TV dramas about the goings on in power-crazed Washington ever.

Major Hollywood money and personalities have been working overtime to make Hillary President for many years now.   The MADAME SECRETARY series now featured on American TV may be one of the most important campaign contributions ever made to any candidate!

Hollywood’s use of network TV programs not only to promote Hillary, but even more to glorify the CIA and FBI and Military, is really a very major “scandal” that deserves far more attention.

China vs the US

28 07 2016

In 2000 just 4% of the Chinese population were considered “Middle Class”.

Now that figure is 65% while the U.S. statistics are going in the opposite direction!


27 07 2016

Image result for nuclear armageddon picture


The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has ominously pegged the Doomsday Clock at 3 minutes to midnight and is debating whether to go up to 2!   In accord, top international affairs analysts have warned we are closer to nuclear war now then we were in the worst days of the “Cold War”!  The Obama/Clinton Administration has begun a new #1 Trillion nuke-building program — pushed by the military-industrial complex of course — for a whole new super generation of nuclear bombs and high-tech delivery systems.  The President who got a Nobel Peace Prize has actually ignited a super arms race with both Russia and China and bombed/droned more countries in the Middle East and Africa.

This paragraph is from a former top Reagan Administration official who also was an editor of The Wall Street Journal (full article at top of WashReport.com today)

This extremely high risk has been created entirely by the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes in which zionist neoconservatives have controlled foreign and military policies…   The mere existence of nuclear weapons means the nonexistence of life on earth. It will happen sooner or later. To raise the risk as the crazed American government is doing with irresponsible provocations of the Russians and Chinese is the ultimate criminal act.


Bernie Choked Because…

26 07 2016

Why did Bernie do it?   Why did he give up the political revolution and team up with Hillary?    Why did he order his troops to lay down their arms?  Why did he tell Cornell West and others to lay low?

Not really a big secret!   Bernie trembles that if Trump were to now take the White House the blame would fall to him.  When he began his quest the idea of a Trump POTUS was even less likely than of himself!   He understandably now fears that real possibility far more than he does everything else.

That’s also why  Bernie didn’t take any of the other choices available to him.   Heading up either the Green ticket or joining with the Libertarians rather than attending his first Democratic Party convention were options.   Or even trying to join his forces with both the Greens and Libertarians with the greater aim of creating a “respectable” third party was another option.  Or he could have even symbolically withheld  his endorsement for a seriously progressive VP choice.

Instead Bernie has probably settled for a vague promise of some role in a Clinton Presidency and decided most of all to try to insulate himself from the fallout if, just if, Hillary should falter and “The Donald” prevail.     No wonder so many of his supporters — always fighting for a cause rather than him personally — are so dismayed.  The Political Revolution that could have been is over.