2 07 2016

HILLARY INDICTED!   Headline soon…   


What recently happened:
1)  Some 150+ FBI agents and others have been ‘investigating’ Hillary’s alleged criminal National Security transgressions.
2)  This week former POTUS and Hillary husband pushed his way into an airplane meeting with the Attorney General hoping to say/do something…but it backfired.
3)  The Attorney General was forced to publicly declare she would not intervene but would accept the FBI’s determination whether to charge Hillary.   (The AG before her had overturned the FBI with General Petraeus reducing his charge from felony to misdemeanor and reducing his penalty to probation rather than jail time).

What now to expect:
1)  Hillary’s attorneys have been working overtime to find some way out, or at least to delay and minimize any charges until after her nomination later this month.
2)  Even so Hillary will very soon now — probably today — be questioned/interrogated by the FBI at her home (she is pushing for rather than FBI HQ) after extensive preparations by both sides.
3)  The indictment may come at any time after that but Hillary’s lawyers will continue to seek ways to delay until at least after the nomination.
4)  Once indicted Hillary’s attorneys will use every possible tactic to get the plea bargaining and legal proceedings put off until after the election.  (Trump’s legal trial with regard to Trump University has been so delayed though the timing has more to do with court dockets than politics and the same may be the case with Hillary).

Then what:
If elected Obama will pardon Hillary declaring that the people have spoken, she has admirably served her country, and that she had no intent to violate the law.  Without a formal plea or trial there will never be a legal determination.  (Remember how in Clinton’s last POTUS days he pardoned many including his brother and notorious Jewish financial Marc Rich).   If not elected Obama is still likely to pardon Hillary (though at greater political cost and some risk) knowing that a Presidential pardon is final and could not be undone even by new POTUS Trump.