Republican Hijacking Succeeds, Dems Fails

4 07 2016

donald_trump_46_gty_1160.jpg  Image result for picture hillary

The hijacking is complete! Control of the Republican party has been taken from the party establishment “owners” by the people (see the Politico article at top of WashReport today).  The Democrats however have failed at the same task.

But wait!   The Democratic masses may yet have a unprecedented chance this year.  If in fact Hillary is indicted (likely I have been saying for a very long time) the people will be given a rare second chance this year to take over their party liberating it from their establishment “owners” as well.   Rather than turning to Biden the dem masses should then insist on Bernie!   This is a chance not likely to come again  for those who continue to identify, however reluctantly, with the Democratic party.

One big problem!  Hillary has been working frantically to prevent indictment until after she is nominated, which is why she held off her “voluntary testimony” yet “under oath” as long as she could.   Her game plan, as I have previously detailed, is nomination, election, and Obama pardon if need be.