Legally Free, Politically Wounded

6 07 2016
Image result for caricature hillary wounded

The FBI Director very professionally managed to do it right about Hillary.   Problem is too many other times the FBI has failed us and sent principled whistle-blowers and even journalists to prison for far worse than Hillary Clinton’s transgressions.  Historical problem is the building in which yesterday’s press conference was held is stilled named for J. Edgar Hoover!

Hillary may be legally free and could well become POTUS.   But even so she is politically wounded and bleeding — and there is still more to come — and thus she could still fail to achieve the goal she has relentless pursued for decades.   Indeed her demanding to keep all her communications under her own control with her personal home server was always about becoming President one day.   That approach badly, almost fatally, backfired.  And no doubt there is still more to come!