Peace Now – Worse Than AIPAC!

8 07 2016

Americans for Peace Now


AIPAC of course is the America Israel Public Affairs Committee — the powerful dominant out-front Israel/Jewish Lobby headquartered in DC with operatives throughout the country in every Congressional district.

APN is Americans for Peace Now headed by Jim Klutznick, prominent member of the wealthy Chicago Jewish cabal that was behind Obama’s election and now champions Hillary.

Which is Worse?    Should be an easy question.   But it isn’t.   It’s taken me years in fact to answer it.   I’ve been friends in fact with Jim for a very long time and in recent years spent many hours  in private meetings and on the phone with him about Israel, the U.S. and American Jews.

So It hasn’t been easy to reach the answer I have.   It hasn’t been easy to recently totally break with and end the friendship with Jim and to tell him bluntly we are in reality political as well as Jewish enemies.

AIPAC is pretty much out there telling us all what they think, what they want, and what they are working with such determination and energy to achieve.   They are heavy-handed even cut-throat and they are oh-so-wrong and quite dangerous about so many things.   For a decade, years ago now, I was Jim’s father’s assistant when Phil Klutznick was President of the World Jewish Congress — a very different and far more acceptable WJC than the one today btw.   Actually Phil was more than that, he was a profound mentor and even in some ways a kind of surrogate father who one day told me privately in hushed tones “AIPAC is a great danger to the Jewish people”.

APN however is the worse for they are extremely hypocritical, unendingly self-serving, and worst of all political/moral cowards.  It’s a long long story to reaching this conclusion and this isn’t the place for it.    Suffice it to say at this point that behind the smiling liberal disingenuous “peace” mask, APN is a loyal and obedient member of the infamous President Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations, just like AIPAC.   It is an organization that claims to support peace, the Palestinians and the “Two-State Solution” but in reality it is aligned with what use to be the Labor Party in Israel and pretty much takes its orders from them…the so-called Zionist “moderates” who act as APN’s controllers while gladly taking their money and receiving their awards.   After decades of claiming to care about the Palestinians the only few Palestinians who ever want to be involved with APN are the hated and despised Palestinian quislings who are getting money and privileges from the Zionist regime as well as from the American CIA and State Dept.  

APN’s current mission/assignment, along with it’s umbrella organization J-Street, is to give “liberal” American Jews a place to safely and easily hang their hat, give their money, and pretend to be something other than sad and weak hypocrites.   APN and J-Street are constantly giving awards to themselves and their Israeli Zionist buddies and handlers.  They continually work to undermine other Americans — many affiliated with churches and civic groups — who have been trying for many years to stop the U.S. from being in effect Israel’s drug dealer facilitating and making possible all that the “Jewish State” does.     They are as well working overtime these days to undermine those far more courageous and principled American Jews and who support BDS against Israel — Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions.   Like the “Good Germans” of years past Jim and his friends are in effect following their orders from the powerful Jewish interests both in Israel and the U.S., thus protecting their own wealth, status, and privileges.   APN is their vehicle for their own self-aggrandizement and self-deception in fact.

OK, admittedly, just wanted to vent today on things I’ve learned and conclusions I’ve reached.   Years ago when I first came to Washington I was in fact the first representative of the World Jewish Congress — remember though, it was then very different from what it is today headed as it was then by both Phil Klutznick and Nahum Goldman.   But that’s an even much longer and much more complicated story.  Suffice it to say, ironically, that though Goldman had himself helped establish the World Zionist Congress, as well as the World Jewish Congress and the Presidents Conference itself, in his last years, the years I worked with him, he had broken with all of these organizations as they all been taken over by the Israeli Zionist machine of which APN and Jim are now themselves a most dangerous and oh-so-dishonest and tragic part.