Obama – No Longer Loved

11 07 2016

The headline article in one of Washington’s major political newspapers today is (full article today at top of WashReport.com):

How the World Fell Out of Love with Obama  

In countries key to the president’s legacy, people express profound disappointment in a man from whom they expected great things.

But the article is not nearly as complete and devastating as it should be.  It focuses on how unacting and undeciding Obama has been.   What’s missing is actually how on the world stage Obama morphed from Nobel Prize Winner into Neocon Facilitator.   From super arming Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries and igniting the greater Middle East on fire (setting the stage for worse to come)…   From reigniting the Cold War with the Russians (setting the stage for worse to come)…  To “pivoting” to the Pacific and seriously endangering relations with China (setting the stage for worse to come)…

Yes, thanks to Obama in his role as Neocon Facilitator the is now far worse to come throughout the world — maybe even world conflagration in the years ahead for which Obama has prepared the way.  It’s time to move the clock hands of the Doomsday clock forward to 2 minutes to midnight.