PBS Fakes Fireworks for “patriotic” reasons

12 07 2016

“It was the patriotic thing to do!”

On the 4th of July the PBS Network (which functions as a kind of unofficial U.S. government TV) faked the national fireworks!   Because of rain and clouds PBS surreptitiously decided to show past years all the while portraying it was “Live” and never telling viewers what was going on.   “It was the patriotic ting to do” according to PBS!

It’s the Washington governing class mindset of deceit and deception that allowed such a thing to happen without those responsible even thinking they should simply tell the public the truth.    Makes one wonder how many other “patriotic things” the PBS and other main-stream media do.   Think everything from JFK assassination to Vietnam War Gulf of Tonkin to 9/11 to Iraq War…and so much more.