“Israel barreling over a cliff”

21 07 2016

Image result for caricature two-state solution

Israel’s security professionals are becoming frantic as they see their country barreling over a cliff.…  It’s the conflict between the security chiefs’ overwhelming support for two states and the seeming immobility of a rightist-led political system that’s driving the growing clash between the groups.  Generals complain that time is running out for a two-state solution because settlement growth will make separation impossible. …

The “Two-State Solution” is already dead but the Zionist mainstream (not to mention the so-called “Leftists”) have nothing else….so they keep on chanting it’s name.   Meanwhile, the internal tensions and contradictions within Zionism keep escaLating while top leaders increasingly predict Israel’s demise without the “Two-State Solution”.    In such a situation why should the Palestinians accept a false and crippled not real “State” — which in reality would be permanent subjugation and bondage far worse than Apartheid — that the Zionists desperately need for themselves?