Russia versus “the West”

23 07 2016


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 This summary from Peter Lavelle, the host of CrossTalk on RT:

The political assault on Russia’s Olympic Team and future role in international sports is a travesty of a monumental proposition. This is not about sports; it’s about still another attempt to isolate Russia on the world stage. To date this strategy has been a dismal failure. Western sanctions related to Ukraine have not worked; in fact they have backfired. The west is obsessed with making Russia submit to its diktat and ultimately encourage Russians to force a regime change against themselves. This is pure folly. Sanctions have not damaged the Russian economy or created hardships for the average citizen. Washington’s blunders around the world have only enhanced Russia’s profile in international relations when it is needed most. Russians see this and thankfully they are finally realizing the west is hostile to them; understanding the west will resort to anything to undermine their country. Washington and its pliant allies are making a terrible mistake. International sports are being horrifically tainted with this kind of gross politicization. The west again shows itself to be petty and narrow-minded. I have long argued Russia should disengage from western-controlled institutions. Those institutions are rigged and are tools of western hegemony. Russia should leave these institutions – the west and not Russia will be poorer as a result.