Bernie Choked Because…

26 07 2016

Why did Bernie do it?   Why did he give up the political revolution and team up with Hillary?    Why did he order his troops to lay down their arms?  Why did he tell Cornell West and others to lay low?

Not really a big secret!   Bernie trembles that if Trump were to now take the White House the blame would fall to him.  When he began his quest the idea of a Trump POTUS was even less likely than of himself!   He understandably now fears that real possibility far more than he does everything else.

That’s also why  Bernie didn’t take any of the other choices available to him.   Heading up either the Green ticket or joining with the Libertarians rather than attending his first Democratic Party convention were options.   Or even trying to join his forces with both the Greens and Libertarians with the greater aim of creating a “respectable” third party was another option.  Or he could have even symbolically withheld  his endorsement for a seriously progressive VP choice.

Instead Bernie has probably settled for a vague promise of some role in a Clinton Presidency and decided most of all to try to insulate himself from the fallout if, just if, Hillary should falter and “The Donald” prevail.     No wonder so many of his supporters — always fighting for a cause rather than him personally — are so dismayed.  The Political Revolution that could have been is over.