Hillary’s Jewish Israeli Billionaire Financier

31 07 2016


Clearly Haim Saban, for years the top billionaire financier of the Clinton’s, was told to stay out of the spotlight at the Convention and probably for the political war ahead until November.  He’s too controversial since he has publicly proclaimed his primary allegiance is to Israel and that he puts all of his money into politics, media, and think-tanks on behalf of the Jewish State.

Clearly the Clintons, known for both their big-money and Israeli connections, were worried about any press or activist attention on their super money-man, Israeli-American, and very close friend Haim.

But upon Hillary’s victory over fellow-Jew Sanders, the Jewish Zionist mogul couldn’t resist bragging that he’s already given an 8-figure sum to Hillary.  Moreover he loudly proclaimed  how “disastrous” Trump would be for Israel and alternative how good Hillary would be.   Haim should know.   He already has gotten Hillary in writing and in front of a gathering of Jewish Zionist money-men to pledge she will fight hard against BDS and send much more money and arms to Israel (Obama has already done so in advance in fact).   Moreover Haim and his key man in Washington, Martin Indyk who helped him take over the important Brookings Institution, know very well how to manipulate the Clintons — they’ve been doing it for decades already.

Why has their been so little mention of Saban, Israel, and all the money and influence a group of super wealthy American Jews have on Hillary and the Dem Party?   Many reasons — one could do a big book about this important subject — but in this case it’s because Saban spoke Thursday evening from the Philadelphia Convention in Hebrew to the Israeli media, not in English to the American.

As usual, see top today of MiddleEast.Org and WashReport.com for more.

Haim Saban interviewed by Channel 10 minutes before Hillary Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, July 28 2016. (Screen capture Channel 10)