President Clinton!

2 08 2016

We’ve heard those words before haven’t we!?   Just like President Bush…over and over for so long now.   What a democracy we have living most of our lives under the rule of a few families and two obsessively controlling money-hungry power-obsessed inter-woven parties.  If only Bernie had had the guts to accept the Green Party invitation and to try to make a Bernie/Green/Libertarian alliance!

Anyway, this go around it’s Hillary and in all likelihood she is going to win.  OK, there I’ve said it, a clear early prediction!

She’s way ahead in organizing and money — really important to manipulate the voters.  But even more importantly the Democrats have a major electoral map advantage having won states with 242 of the needed 270 electoral votes ever since 1992.   Add to that Trump’s penchant for alienating key voting blocks juxtaposed with Clinton’s for attempting unity.

The debates may matter this year more than ever.  Hillary could falter, but not likely as she’s a seasoned veteran who will not let Trump provoke her.  Both will be trying to land a knock-out blow but it’s not likely either will succeed.   That leaves some wildcards.  How much “terrorism” worldwide and even more importantly at home?   What kind of black ops might take place — either foreign or domestic sponsored or even created?   Is Trump psychologically able to twist and turn with the polling and go for the political hat-trick of Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, as well as Virginia and Michigan?

If I were an odds-maker I’d be giving Hillary by far the edge, even better than 5 to 1 at this point, maybe even 10 to 1.    But when she goes back to the White House, this time switching offices with Bill, her ability to govern will be quite circumspect.  Moreover, on the world stage, her alliances with the Neocons and the Jews/Israelis will make her a very dangerous  Commander-in-Chief, though a very different one from super psychopath/narcissist Trump.