Who Really Killed Capt Khan?

4 08 2016

Capt Humayun Khan was the son of the now famous “Gold Star” Khan family so much in the news since the Dem convention.   But he was not killed by Trump.  He was killed by Bush and Clinton, as politically incorrect as it may be in some circles to point this out.


Bush (along with sidekick Tony Blair in the UK) committed a historic war crime invading Iraq on totally false pretenses, completely against the U.N.and international law, and promising a totally different outcome.   As a result the whole Middle East was set aflame and just in Iraq alone approximately 2 million are dead, millions more homeless and refugees, millions more injured and the country itself fractured, destroyed,  still wreathing in bloody chaos.   Beyond the huge death totals in Iraq, thousands of Americans, among them Capt. Khan in 2004, were victimized.   (And beyond Iraq look what they did in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine and beyond).

Clinton vehemently supported the Bush/Cheney Administration and loudly voted for the war authorization.   She and Bush, representing the Dem and Republican Parties, are the responsible and culpable representatives.   Just one more reason so many Americans have deserted both parties and are totally fed up with the crass deceitful militant “governing” class in Washington.