STOP Supporting False “Peace Now” Now

8 08 2016

Americans for Peace Now

Let me summarize!  If you support what is called “Peace Now” you are gullible and stupid!   LOL, I should know!   Though I have stayed away from involvement with “Peace Now” for a long time, last appearing with one of their  reps on the very popular Donahue Show decades ago, I have been gullible and stupid about it for too long.   Long ago I should have loudly warned about it and condemned it.   “Peace Now” is actually  a very duplicitous and dangerous super Zionist controlled organization doing great harm to liberal and independent American Jews as well as to both Israel and the U.S..  It should not only be stayed away from, it should be actively shunned.

If you want to know more about my own evolution when it comes to “Peace Now” and my reasons email me at