10 08 2016

When Obama became President who would have imagined he would oversee the following, leave office having been more militant and law-breaking than his predecessors, and have set the stage worse than ever for ongoing and escalating regional even global warfare.


IRAQ – Troops, Bombing, CIA, Special Forces, quasi-bases
AFGHANISTAN – Troops, Bombing, CIA, Special Forces, permanent bases
SYRIA – Special Forces, Bombing, CIA, dangerous historic US-Russia flashpoint
JORDAN – CIA, Special Forces, secret bases
ISRAEL – Major CIA and Pentagon connections, massive arms and money transfers, secret military arrangements, total failure of Obama “peace” plans.
LIBYA – Bombing, CIA, Special Forces
EGYPT – Major arms sales and support for military Junta
SAUDI ARABIA – Massive arms sales and CIA connections
YEMEN – Major bombing killing campaign by Saudis with US help and arms
BAHRAIN – Total repression and U.S. Naval Headquarters
GCC – Total Repression and U.S. Air Force and Central Command 

OCCUPIED PALESTINE – Worse Apartheid and Repression than ever

IRAN – Unleashed historic cyber warfare, surrounded and threatened by US/Israel/Saudi alliance and arms race
KUWAIT – Permanent U.S. bases
RUSSIA – Total failure of “the reset” + major arms race more dangerous than ‘Cold War’
TURKEY – Failed clandestine coup attempt, major U.S. military arms sales and joint of strategic airbase, Turk-Russian alliance underway, great growing tension
PAKISTAN – Major U.S. arms transfers, CIA, great growing tension

And acted as midwife and facilitator for so many things including many of the groups now associated with what is called ISIS as was done before with Bin-Laden, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and beyond…